Jessie Slaten As a photojournalist, telling a story comes naturally to me. It is my passion.

Whether it is for a wedding or a portrait, I’d much rather take the time to tell your story then shoot a few frames and tell you when we’re done.

Sometimes, this means following the family around for a few hours on a special day. With a special combination of photojournalism and portrait training, I can catch the magic for you and      your family.

Other times, it just means talking with you long enough to find out what you want from your photo-session. We can make the magic together.

Special events are another great way to tell a story. A ballet recital or football game tell their own story. From beginning to end, I can catch the tale for you.

Weddings and engagements are a specialty of mine. Capturing the flavor and feeling of your special day is always my goal. You take the time to set the mood and tone for your wedding. It’s my job to catch it all.

Catching Light – Catching Life !
That’s what I do.

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Member of Professional Photographers of San Antonio and Professional Photographers of America